Mr. Tino Kwan

President of Asia Pacific Hotel Design Association
A pioneer and leader in the global lighting design industry
With over 40 years of experience in lighting design
He has worked with many famous interior designers and
architects from different countries around the world
and has won many world's top lighting design awards
including 2007 Hong Kong Top 10
Outstanding Designer Award
issued by HK Communication Art Center

Tino Kwan Lighting Design Office

Founded in London, UK
Designed many global landmark projects
For example: Grand Hyatt Shanghai
Mr. Li Ka-shing's HK private office
The St. Regis Hotel, Hong Kong
Hilton Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Regent Hotel, Sydney, Australia, etc.

Illumination for Families

Family First Lighting
Master Kwan thinks the best lighting design
is to tailor each family member's lighting demands
First, we have smart lamps for different application scenarios and
then design the lighting layout, beam angle and color temperature
according to the furniture position and the function of each space

Moorgen Smart Spotlight Tino Kwan Series

Global lighting design master "Mr. Tino Kwan" has designed the "Moorgen Smart Lamp Tino Kwan Series"

Lamps available on the market usually with a CRI≥80
Tino Kwan Series Lamps usually with a CRI>90
High CRI Chip
Higher CRI features
more realistic, and more comfortable color reproduction degree of objects
UGR< 6
Lm 560LM

Three Color Temperature Options
Choose As You Wish

Tino Kwan Master Series Lamps
Color temperature of 2700K, 3000K, 2700-4000K dual color temperature, three color temperature options can cover various color temperature requirements for lighting design
Available beam angle in 10°, 15°, 24°, 40°, wide angle
A complete set of five beam angles can cover various angles needed for lighting design

Moorgen Smart Spotlight

Tino Kwan Master Series

Dual Color Temperature Smart Spotlight
2700K: 15° 24° 40°
3000K: 15° 24° 40°
2700K-4000K: 15° 24° 40°
Smart Spotlight
2700K: 10°
3000K: 10°
Fixed Angle Smart Spotlight
2700K: 24°
2700K: 40°
Smart Spotlight MB2554
2700K: 10°
Smart Wall Washer
2700K: wide angle
3000K: wide angle