Moorgen Swiss Series Integrated Smart Panel

Elevate your space with the Moorgen Swiss Series, where smart technology meets sophisticated design. This integrated smart panel harmonizes your interior with its consistent style and unified color scheme, creating an aesthetic that is both visually pleasing and functionally advanced.

Moorgen Brand
is the only partner of the
Austria Swarovski brand
in the global smart field

Traditional vs. Moorgen Smart Panel Design

Traditional Panel: Round Frame Design

Traditional panels feature a round frame design. However, when two or more of these panels are installed together, the result can often be an uneven surface. This design, while classic, may present challenges in creating a seamless and unified look.

Moorgen Smart Panel: Right Angle Frame Design

Moorgen sets a new standard with its Smart Panel, featuring a right angle frame design. This innovative approach ensures that when panels are installed together, they achieve "integrated" seamless splicing. The result is more visually pleasing, offering a unified and aesthetically superior appearance.

A three-in-one Smart Thermostat Panel can replace the original three traditional panels for aircon, floor heating and fresh air

Customize your panel with your preferred symbols, text type or language

At Moorgen, we understand the importance of personalization. That's why our panels can be customized to match your preferred text type. Whether you opt for elegant English lettering or prefer the universal language of symbols, our panels adapt to your style.

... or with your preferred text size!
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12 Colors Available

Swarovski Crystal Elegance
Jade Gold

Swarovski Crystal Elegance
Glacier Silver

24K Gold Plated Luxury
Monaco Gold

Belgium Silver D37

Earl Gray S01

Mica Black C27

Snowflake Silver C50

Warm White C56

Champaign Silver C57

Ferrari Red C02

Champaign Gold C22

Gem Gray C58