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Moorgen AI Smart Screen

Integrated Smart Metal Panel Swiss Series

For “Mental panel” users, two metal smart panels and one metal thermostat panel are usually chosen for installation in the living room Three panels with a total of 24 keys among which, 16 keys for controlling all devices or scenes in the living room and 8 keys for controlling the aircon, floor heating and fresh air in the living room Users simply need to find the corresponding key by the illuminated text of the panel It features “Press and Go”, with three panels in a row, 24 keys are visible at a glance Simple and elegant, very easy to handle

Different user habits Multiple options

Moorgen AI Smart Touch Panel is an LCD touch panel The "LCD panel" and "metal panel" are two options for users with "different habits".

AI Smart LCD Panel Sweden Series

Normally, three metal smart panels are chosen in the living room But “LCD panel” users can choose one LCD panel to control the entire living room All devices, scenes and aircon, floor heating, fresh air from three panels to one panel makes the wall cleaner, which is an outstanding feature

Moorgen AI Smart LCD Panel

Adjusting the temperature and brightness It is "more fun" than metal panels

Choose your preferred Interface

Various shading products operation interface

Moorgen AI Smart Screen

Sweden Series