Monaco Supercar Series

Inspired By


Monaco Supercar Series

The New Visual Sensory

Monaco Supercar Series is a smart panel inspired by "supercars" which is completely different from the traditional smart panels offers a new sensory experience in visual terms

Ambient Light

Monaco Supercar panel Short press "Colorful Change" to switch the color of the ambient light The order is: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white In standby mode, the ambient light and text light in the middle of each piece of smart key will gradually change seven colors It will change one color at every breath the seven color breathing lights will impress you with the feeling that a supercar started with lights on parking still to wait for departure.

Short press "Breath" once Current background ambient light color switches to breathing state Press "Breath" again it will switch to another color breathing

Press with Vibration Feedback

When a key is pressed the panel will have a vibration feedback, the owner can clearly feel that the panel has received the command

Monaco Supercar Series Smart Pane

Equivalent to two smart panels and a 3-in-1 thermostat panel.

With 26 buttons (17 scene buttons + 6 thermostat buttons + 3 function buttons).

Two single frame Smart Panels.
One Smart 3-in-1 thermostat panel.

Customize your panel with your preferred symbols, text type or language




Available in 2 Colors

Belgium Silver

Mica Black