Milan Series Panel
LCD Touch Dimming Knob

360° Diamond Cut Facets

unlike ordinary rectangular smart panel, Moorgen Milan Series Smart Panel is Round in shape, and features a 360° Angular Diamond-cut Facets on the outer rim. Each facet is independent and evenly distributed.

Milan Series Panel LCD Touch Dimming Knob

Milan Series Panel is classified as "luxury level"Smart Panel Most traditional panels are square The Milan series is defined as round panel

Moorgen Brand
is the only partner of the
Austria Swarovski brand
in the global smart field

360 angular facets

The "Milan Series Smart Panel" features 360 diamond-cut facets on the outer rim and each facet is independent horizontally Moorgen has precisely calculated the angle of each "individual horizontal surface" and applied "24K pure gold" to cover the surface to make each surface shine more brilliantly

Sparkling Light

The Milan Dimming Knob is installed on the wall with a beam of ray from the top lighting the diamond cut facets of which the wall will reflect the sparkling light. When you rotate the "Milan outer rim" the "sparkling light" of facets of the 360 "gold-plated diamonds" will follow the speed of your hand

2 kinds of different

material colors to choose

Belgium Silver

Milan LCD

Monaca Gold

Milan LCD