Moorgen Smart Dimming Remote Control

M78 LCD Series

Indulge in the luxury of control with the M78 LCD Series, a smart remote that epitomizes elegance and excellence. With a meticulous selection of materials and an unparalleled design, the M78 Series stands as a testament to luxury in the realm of smart remote controls

360° Diamond Cut Facets

Unlike ordinary rectangular smart panel, Moorgen M78 Series Smart Panel is Round in shape, and features a 360° Angular Diamond-cut Facets on the outer rim. Each facet is independent and evenly distributed.

24K Gold. 925 Silver

The surface of Moorgen M78 Series is covered by 24 Gold / 925 Silver, with precisely calculated angle of each diamond-cut facet, to ensure each surface of the outer rim shines exceptionally brilliant.

Up to 20 Screens

Each screen of Moorgen M78 Series can control One Device or Scene; or a screen can be configured to control Five Devices or Scenes.

Slide. Rotate. Wave

The screen of Moorgen M78 Series Dimming Knob can be turned by the way you like - Slide the Screen, Rotate the Rim or Wave (within 5-10cm) over the dimming knob

Seamless Control

Control all 0 - 100% devices such as lights, temperature of light, sound of music, etc. by rotating the outer rim of the dimming knob, or slide on the screen.

Long-life Battery

Moorgen M78 Series comes with TYPE-C universal charging port. Each fully charged battery can last for 3 - 6 months. Besides, it supports wireless charging with designated charging stand.

3 kinds of different

material colors to choose

Belgium Silver


Monaco Gold


Belgium Silver (Base Only)