Moorgen Smart Remote Control

M66 Series

M66 Controller

Ultra-Thin Motion Controller

One Control. More Controls.

Basic setup of a home has essentially at least two remote controls for television and air-conditioners. Moorgen M66 Controller not only combines them together, but also enables more control over the entire Smart Home with as many as 54 buttons.

Companion to Smart Panel

When you walk around home, smart panel is your best partner for smart home partner When you are sitting at the sofa or dining table, that's when M66 controller comes into play.

Waving Motion Control

The waving motion control function of Moorgen M66 Series is configured to be waving Up & Down and Left & Right to control level of brightness, temperature, magnitude of opening curtain, etc. Neat and Simple.

Long-life Battery

Moorgen M66 Series comes with Android universal charging port. Each fully charged battery can last for 6 - 9 months.

Automatic Backlit Button

At the time you pick up M66 controller, the backlit button automatically lighten up for fine indication. When you put down the M66 controller or when it is idle, the backlit button is automatically dimmed for power-saving.

Extra Large Font

The 33-button M66 Controllers can be optionally configured for Extra Large Text on button enables better accessibility for the elderly

Available in 3 Colors

Belgium Silver

Jade Black

Monaca Gold