M36 Remote Control

Choice of Modern Minimalist

One Control. More Controls.

When there was no smart home devices it existed actually two remote controllers that were essential to our lives the "aircon remote control" and the "TV remote control” The "Smart remote control" is equivalent to an "All-in-one Remote Control" which can control not only air conditioners and TVs, but also lights, curtains, background music and all other devices as well as various scene modes such as Home Mode and TV Mode

Companion to Smart Panel

When you walk around home, smart panel is your best partner for smart home partner When you are sitting at the sofa or dining table, that's when M36 controller comes into play.

Long-life Battery

Moorgen M36 Series is accommodated with a well-textured Ivory-Curved Stand, which enables the horizontal placement of the controller on any given surface.

Perfect Shape for Your Hand

The dynamic curved design of Moorgen M36 Series fit the curvature of your hand perfectly, while the metallic shell maximize the hand feel.

Sofa Companion One Hand Distance

Remote control and panel in one space are complementary to each other As you walk around in your home You typically use the wall panel to control all the smart devices in your home When you're sitting on the sofa or in the dining room chair The most convenient way to control is definitely the remote control Although the mobile app also plays the same role, but it only happens when you are sitting and the remote control is far away from you Because it takes more operational steps by mobile app

Customize your panel with your preferred symbol, text type or language

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Available in 3 Colors

Belgium Silver

Jade Black

Monaca Gold

And 2 Configurations