Moorgen Smart

Magnetic Track Lamps

Hepburn Series

Magnetic track lights are already installed during the process of Interior Finish
During the process of soft furnishings the magnetic track light can also
adjust its positions and angles of lighting according to
the positioning of the soft furnishings


Leading Brand of Technology
Moorgen Smart Magnetic Track LampsHepburn Series
Its optical lens is "Japan Mitsubishi", which is
the leading brand of technology in the field of lenses for global lamps

Feather-fall dimming

Moorgen Smart Louis Series
Moorgen Smart Magnetic Track Lamps Hepburn Series
Equipped with moorgen smart dimming system .Perfect dimming curve as a whole
For example: At the moment of lighting up
Hepburn lamps can light up slowly and softly
and the overall process of lighting up to 100% can be very smooth
The process of Hepburn lamps to slowly dim from 100% can be as soft as a feather falling to the ground
the most critical is the moment of the last light off completely silent extinguished
Light 10%
Light 50%
Light 100%

Hepburn Series

One Track For "Separate Dimming”

Through "Moorgen Smart System", it is possible to achieve "a track"
of all the various lamps "in two ways" for "separate dimming”
It is also possible to use the "Moorgen Smart Rotary Remote Control"
to "rotate and steplessly dim" the "various lamps" on the magnetic track lamps
which is a great experience!

Lamps available on the market usually with a CRI≥80
Louis Series Lamps usually with a CRI>90
High CRI Chip
Higher CRI features
more realistic, and more comfortable color reproduction degree of objects

Two Color Temperature Options
Choose As You Wish

Hepburn Series Lamps
Moorgen Smart Magnetic Track Lamps
Hepburn Series features 2700K, 3000K, two color temperature options
covering the desired color temperature of various lighting designs

Hepburn Lamps The anti-glare index

Hepburn Lamps The anti-glare index is UGR<10 while the existing international standard is URG<19, marking the leading position of Moorgen smart lamps in the global anti-glare field.
Simple integrated light cup and light source closely combined,
features multiple light sources superimposed light distribution mode
Form a 24 °beam angle spot of the object, Nice light spot, high light efficiency
Secondary Reflection Cup patented Technology

Moorgen Smart Magnetic Track Lamps

Hepburn Series

White Reflector
Silver Reflector
Black Reflector
Gold Reflector