Finland Series

Moorgen AI Smart Screen

AI Smart User Habit Analysis

The “ Homepage ” of Finland AI Smart Screen usually displays 10 “ your most frequently used ” keys

The “ Homepage ” of Finland AI Smart Screen usually displays 10 “ your most frequently used ” keys As is AI smart, the system will display your most used “ top 10 keys ” of this “ big screen ” on the homepage For “ More keys ”, you can swipe left to control other keys on the ” second page ”

Smart Assistant Into Everyday Life

We have set up a small window for weather and calendar time on the first interface of the AI Smart Screen When the smart screen is online, it will automatically get the accurate information of weather and time from the cloud And at the same time, it also features a message board for you to leave messages to your family members

Engine UI System Various Dynamic Effects

Smart screen’s newest “Engine UI system” also supports all kinds of sound effect customization The whole UI interface features lots of dynamic effects

AI Voice Activation Feature

Support "Magic Ball" Function

Moorgen Al Smart Screen Italy Series supports " Magic Ball " function after choosing the room any device that is dragged into the magic ball can be turned on automatically and the dragged scenes will also be automatically executed which is a wonderful experience

Available For Both
Wired And Wireless Systems

The cross-system compatible AI Smart Screen is the central control screen with powerful functions whether you are a Moorgen wired system owner or a wireless system owner you can use this screen to experience its rich and interactive functions

During the day, the screen is automatically brightened All icons can be seen clearly
At night, the screen is automatically dimmed to make the screen less dazzling

Screen Brightness
Automatic Adjustment

AI smart screen can
automatically adjust the screen brightness
by sensing the external light intensity

Moorgen AI Smart Screen

Finland Series

12.3 inch screen ultra-wide LCD capacitive screen design
With AI user habit learning function
Support voice, visual, haptic multimodal interaction
Omnidirectional linear four-mic array,
support far-field recognition
Three wakewords: "Moorgen Moorgen"
"Hello Moorgen", "Moorgen Assistant"
Built-in Digital Smart K series audio amplifier
high-fidelity speakers
Support music play, Bluetooth data-push function
Built-in 500W HD camera that supports in-net video call function
Also support ZigBee, MO-Bus system, with zigbee gateway function
With 2-way relay
Resolution: 1280×720
Protocol: ZigBee3.0, Bluetooth5.0, WIFI, RS485
Dimension: 317.5×162×23mm
Installation: Standard 86 bottom box