Moorgen Smart Panel Denmark Series

High strength
High density
Ultra-thin polymersoft film

Moorgen Brand
is the only partner of the
Austria Swarovski brand
in the global smart field

"Denmark Gem Series" Smart Panel uses “Billion Years Gemstone Grade Natural Stone", where the pattern of beautiful gem-grade natural stone whether it is millions of years or thousands of years there is a commonality of being very fragile, so "Moorgen Denmark Panel" processes each piece of "Gemstone Grade Natural Stone" by "layered curing process".

Hidden text Patented Technology

As the Denmark Series is composed of panel frame and core The collision of two colors will create a beautiful visual effect If the text on the panel core is always lit, the whole panel will look messy and greatly disable its visual effect Moorgen adopts the "patented technology of hidden text" to present the visual effect of the whole panel perfectly Moorgen's R&D team uses three different patented technologies to achieve the "Denmark Panel Hidden Text function"

12 kinds of different

material colors to choose

L Grade

Swarovski Crystal
Gem Black
Alaska Silver
R Grade

Gemstone Natural Stone
Gem Green
Gem Green
H Grade

Natural Cowhide
Snow Leopard
M Grade

TABU Wood Veneer
Bird's Eye White
S Grade

Monaco Gold
Belgium Silver
C Grade

Mica Black
Jade Black
The Denmark Series Smart Panel is composed of "panel frame" of different rare materials and a "panel core" with intelligent core How to meet the requirements of each interior space style find the perfect color combination to fit the whole interior space from 12 different materials and colors of the "panel frame" and 4 colors of the "panel core"

Four available colors

for Smart panel cores

Bright Silver
Elegant White
Bright Black
Bright Gold

Panel Configuration

Multiple Combinations

Smart Panel

3-in-1 Smart Panel

English Socket Panel

5-Hole Socket Panel

5-Hole Socket Panel (USB)

Panic Button Panel